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How to set up the traffic purchase from Traforama for Keitaro

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Follow the instruction on how to set up the traffic purchase from Traforama using Keitaro tracker below:
1. Log into your Keitaro account and create a campaign.

2. Open the campaign and copy the campaign URL and paste it to the ad in Traforama's account later.

In Keitaro account, go to Campaign, click the Create Stream button.

Creating a stream - Main Tab

  1. The name of the Stream.

  2. Choose the Stream type

  • The regular stream works according to the rotation rule, which is set in the campaign settings.

  • Forced. The special stream. It is intended for the interception of specific traffic before it gets to the regular streams.

  • The default stream is used when none of the streams has worked. For example, the user did not pass through the filters. It is recommended that you always create a default stream in order not to lose the remaining traffic.

3. Choose any of the options above and press Apply.
Then choose the Source section.

Create Source:

  1. Click the Create button.

  2. Select the Traforama template.

  3. Name the template.

  4. Then copy your 'suid' to insert it in the S2S postback URL of the Source in Keitaro.

  5. Insert your 'suid' instead of the 'REPLACE' word from your Traforama account. In Traforama, click the Campaigns tab and select the Conversion tracker.

  6. Scroll down to modify and adjust any option in the New traffic source parameters. Once you have done so, click the Create button.


    The next step is to create a campaign in Traforama. To do so, please perform the following actions:

  1. In Traforama, click the Campaigns tab and select the Campaign list option.

  2. Click the Add campaign button.

  3. Give a name for the campaign in the Name text field.

  4. Set any additional budget and targeting options according to your needs and click the Create button.

  5. In the campaign list tab, click the Add creative button.

  6. Provide a name for the creative in the Name text field.

  7. Paste the campaign URL that you have copied from Keitaro in the Link URL text field.

  8. Set frequency capping and traffic filter options. (optional)

  9. Provide a CPM value: either separately for each country or set one for all countries.

  10. Click the Save button.

You have completed the Keitaro configuration and can start tracking the conversions right in your Traforama account.


%REF% - Full page URL where ads were shown.

%KW% - Keywords from the website page.

%REFDOMAIN% - Top domain where ads were shown.

%SPOTID% - ID of the spot that displayed your ad.

%ID% - Traforama Click ID of the visitor session.

%NODEID% - ID of a server node that processed the request.

%AUCTIONPRICE% - CPM paid for the particular ad.

%CAMPAIGNID% - Traforama Campaign ID.

%CREATIVEID% - Traforama Creative ID.

%IP% - Visitor's IPv4 address.

%UA% - Visitor's User-Agent.

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