Please go to the section Feeds.

In case you want to test open RTB integration you don’t need integration format, because we use OPEN RTB Version 2.5

Please press the button “Add open RTB endpoint”

Fill up the following info:

(1) Feed name

(2) Stream - the niche or vertical of your advertisement. Currently, these options are supported: Mainstream(non-adult) / Adult-all / Adult-gay / Adult-cartoons / Adult-transexual

IMPORTANT: Do not choose "Mainstream" if your ad or landing page contains adult-related content.

(3) Ad type - or ad formats.

(4) Endpoint URL

If your ads are aggressive (i.e., not Google friendly), please check "Aggressive" checkbox. Our team may change it at its discretion.

(5) - Targeting sources. You can add white of blocklist of subids and white of blocklist of domains.

IMPORTANT: Domains White and Blocklist do not work together. You can choose only or White list, or a Block list.

(6) - GEO. You can choose the location of the traffic:

  • "Worldwide" (by default) means that you'll get impressions from all GEOs around the globe.

  • "Only specific countries" - means that you can pick up any GEO you want and launch your campaign only among those countries.

(7) - Devices. You can choose specific devices, platforms, browsers and connection types in this section.

(8) - Traffic filters:

  • Block returned traffic — if a network wins, but returns the visitor click back, and your bid is next, you can filter it out.

  • Block noref traffic — block traffic with empty Referrer HTTP header.

  • Block nocookie traffic — block traffic without an IP or user agent (if we cannot identify/detect it for some reason).

  • Block WebView traffic — block traffic without a website header (usually this is traffic from apps that can open websites).

  • Block nonunique traffic — block if a visitor has just seen another ad.

(9) - Proxy filters:

  • Anonymizing VPN services

  • Tor Exit Nodes

  • Hosting Provider, Data Center or CDN

  • Public Proxies

  • Web Proxies

  • Search Engine Robots

Press create and send to review.

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