Take a conversion postback URL on Traforama

Please go to the section Conversion tracker ( Traforama member zone ) and copy your PERSONAL postback URL

Please make the following changes of macros

{{click_tracker}} ➡ {{EXTERNAL_ID}}
{conversion_cost} ➡ {{MONEY}}

For example, the original link is https://p.pa5ka.com/api/click/{{click_tracker}}?suid=fvcvk131fm&c=1&cpa={conversion_cost} then the final link is


Create a campaign on Mobidea platform

Please go to the section Campaigns ( Mobidea member zone ) and create a new smartlink for Traforama

Please fill up the SmartLink name and choose smartlink URL. Press save

Set up your postback using the link you create before

After saving you will get your Mobidea smartlink
Please make the following changes of macros

{External_ID_from_traffic_source} %ID%
{sub_subID} %SPOTID%

For example, the original link ishttps://www.directoffermature.com/?sl=5384848-ffc61&data1=Track1&data2=Track2&tag={External_ID_from_traffic_source}&website={subID}&placement={sub_subID}then the final link is


Create a campaign and creative on Traforama

Please go to Traforama member zone to the section Campaigns and add a new campaign

Please fill up the name of the campaign, choose a stream, ad type, and targeting.
Press Create.

Add a new creative: fill up the name and Mobidea Link

Please set up Frequency Capping, Filters, CPM rates, and Vertical

Press Create and send to review

That is ALL!

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