Before launching any advertising campaign, it is crucial to decide on the format of advertising and its target audience.
On the Traforama platform for youtube channel you can choose between two types of ads: Popunder and Interstitial.

Popunder/Popup is the most popular ad format on Traforama. It has the highest conversion rate compared to other ad formats. Learn more about Popunder/Popup format

Interstitial is a full-screen overlay. These ads appear on full screen when visitor click on any link, and can easily be closed by the visitor when needed. Once the ad is closed, the visitor is redirected to the requested link. Learn more about Interstitial format

To tune an advertising campaign specifically for your audience, pay attention to the main points of targeting

  • First, decide on the direction of your advertising campaign: will it be mainstream or adult stream. Also, the following sub-streams are available on Traforama: adult-gay, adult-cartoons, adult-transsexual

  • Set up the target audience by geography: country, region/state, city, Internet Service Provider (ISP), IP addresses range

  • Decide how often and on which devices/gadgets your ads will be displayed. You can set up ads prompt frequency or specific schedule

  • Use limits - this will allow you to manage your budget efficiently

  • You can also set up Black and White lists for specific sites

  • We recommend to pay attention to images quality that you plan to use in your ads - the original poor-quality image or formatting problems with the display (compression, stretching, etc.) can discourage users and therefore reduce the effectiveness of ad impressions

  • It is also a good practice to make youtube link with autoplay, i.e. in form of

More details about targeting settings on our platform you can learn here

One last piece of advice: try different options. Try to create several ads and test their effectiveness by changing your target audience and prompt them on different types of devices - that way you can determine the best options.

You're ready to go!

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