What is language targeting?

This is a filter you can use to select the user's native language. The user's language is determined through the browser settings. The Traforama platform determines the main language of the user in the browser, then filtering is made using this parameter.

How is it different from geo-targeting?

In most cases, the location is the same as the language of the visitor. However, there are non-residents, tourists, etc., who, although they can speak the local language, consider their native language to be their main language.

The Traforama team recommends using the filter by country instead of by language. Since it is not always possible to determine the main language of the browser, or it may be English by default. In this case, you will receive less traffic when filtering by language.

However, if your ad is aimed at the Hispanic diaspora in the US, then you must use a combination of filters: country - US and language - Spanish.

Where to set up targeting by language?

Go to campaign settings, section Geo, IP, ISP, and in the Language section select the required languages from the drop-down list. Save the settings.

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