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Traffic Spots Block and White Lists

How to set up traffic spots filters

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" Spot" is an entity created by a publisher for a specific advertisement spot. Usually, a publisher creates one spot for one website and one ad type.

But, sometimes, one spot could mean five websites.

In other cases, a publisher would create several spots for 1 website (for example, one spot is for a banner 300x250, one is for 300x100, etc.).


Look at the available options:

  • "Run campaign over the network" means that your ads will rotate evenly through all the network's websites that comply with your targeting and stream.

    In other words, you'll receive traffic from all ad spots available at Traforama.
    We recommend choosing this option if you're not sure what to choose.

  • "Spots White list" means that your ads will rotate only at spots and websites you pick. Remember to collect the list of sites and zones you want to enable for applying the setting.

    This option is considered an advanced setting. But this spot type leads to the most accurate targeting and increases the overall efficiency of your campaign.

  • "Spots Block list" stands for rotating your ads evenly through all websites except the manually picked sites or spots.

    This configuration can also be called an advanced one. If you know for sure where you don't want to show your ads, you can exclude these sites and spots from your placements.

  • Block list


You can also choose Spots lists from the dynamic block and white lists created. To choose the list you need to create them in advance in the section of "Block and white lists" under the campaigns tab.


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