You can fill up your balance via Payoneer payment system.

The minimal amount is USD 100.

The fee is USD 0.

1. To pop up your balance using Payoneer Payments System, you need to switch the tab to the "Make a payment" and choose method "Payoneer".

2. Just type in the amount you want to add. (DON'T FORGET: Make sure the amount you want to add is higher than the minimum amount. )

3. And press the 'Request Invoice' button to confirm the action.

4. You will see the window with a link to the invoice.

5. Please log in to your Payoneer account and pay according to this invoice

6. As soon as you've completed the payment, please leave a message in our chat.

It will help us track your deposit's progress and make sure that your balance will be recharged as fast as possible.

In most cases, the amount will be added to your balance within the following 24 hours.

Learn more about Payoneer payment system. 🎓

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