Tracking macros are the parameters that can be added to your Target URL for an advanced understanding of your creative's performance and accurate analytics.

In most cases, a macro is just a placeholder that will be replaced with associated values as soon as someone clicks your link.

The use of macros allows you to gain more understanding of each click brought by your ad.

Macros available at Traforama

Let's look at the list of macros that are supported at Traforama.

%REF% - Full page URL where ads were shown.

%KW% - Keywords from the website page.

%REFDOMAIN% - Top domain where ads were shown.

%SPOTID% - ID of the spot where your ad was displayed.

%ID% - Adspyglass Click ID of the visitor session.*

%NODEID% - ID of a server node that processed the request.*

%AUCTIONPRICE% - CPM paid for the particular ad

%CAMPAIGNID% - Adspyglass Campaign ID

%CREATIVEID% - Adspyglass Creative ID
%IP% - IP of the website visitor
%UA% - User-agent (device, operation system, and browser) of the website visitor

An example of response got from using macro-tracking

Now let's describe the example of configuration your macros.

For instance, let's take this link:

Imagine that someone has clicked by your link.

What information we'll get if we use these macros?

currentURL =
source = 123321
cmp = 456654
creo = 789987
cost = 1.01
ip =
ua = Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 10; SH-51A Build/SC045; ja-jp) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/79.0.3945.136 Mobile Safari/537.36 Puffin/

And, let's explain what it all means:

  • currentURL = - It is a domain where the clicked ad was shown.

  • source = 123321 - It is the ID of a particular spot where your ad has been displaying.

  • cmp = 456654 This parameter is needed to indicate the ID of your Traforama advertising campaign.

  • creo = 789987 And this parameter also needed for your internal markup. It allows you to track the specific creative of the clicked ad.

  • cost = 1.01 And from here, you'll find out what the actual bid was when the ad was displayed.

Setting up macros via Traforama Advertiser Account

1. To access your macros' settings, you need to click "Edit" near the creative you want to modify.

2. Just after the Creative Name field, you can find the "Link URL" supplemented with already known options.

Just type your updated Link URL using macros you need to use.

That's it! Stay tuned for updates and new features!

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