To create Interstitial creative:

Go to Campaigns List -> Find the campaign -> Add creative

General settings:

  1. - Creative Name

  2. - Link URL. The URL to your Landing Page. All macros are not required.

  • %REF% - Full page URL where ads were shown.

  • %REFDOMAIN% - Top domain where ads were shown.

  • %SPOTID% - ID of the spot where your ad was displayed.

  • %ID% - Adspyglass Click ID of the visitor session.*

  • %NODEID% - ID of a server node that processed the request.

  • %AUCTIONPRICE% - CPM paid for the particular ad

  • %CAMPAIGNID% - Adspyglass Campaign ID

  • %CREATIVEID% - Adspyglass Creative ID
    *These macros are necessary in case of using Tracking Pixel or Postback URL.

  1. - You could set up frequency capping. So each visitor may see your ad not more frequently than once a day (1:24), two times a day (2:24), three times a day (3:24), four times a day (4:24).

  2. - If you don't want to show the original traffic source (domain), you can hide it by this checkbox.

  3. - If your ads are aggressive (means not Google friendly), please click this checkbox. Our team may change it at its discretion.

  4. - Please choose link type: direct landing page or smart link with multiple ads. Our team may change it at its discretion.

You could block specific traffic types and proxy types. By default, this traffic is not blocked.

  1. Traforama allows the following traffic filters:

  • Block returned traffic - if some network won, but because of some reason return click back, and your bid is next, you can filter it.

  • Block noref traffic - block traffic with empty Referer HTTP header.

  • Block nocookie traffic - block traffic without IP or user agent ( if we lost it for some reason).

  • Block WebView traffic - block traffic without website header (usually this is traffic from apps that could open websites).

  • Block nonunique traffic - block if a visitor has just seen another ad.

2. Traforama allows the following traffic filters:

  • Anonymizing VPN services

  • Tor Exit Nodes

  • Hosting Provider, Data Center or CDN

  • Public Proxies

  • Web Proxies

  • Search Engine Robots


You could set up one CPM for all countries (1) or separate CPM per each country (2).

CPM means Cost per mile - cost per 1000 impressions to visitors to whom the ad was shown.

Here are some tips:

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