How to create the Popunder creative at Traforama

In this article, we'll learn about the process of adding a Popunder creative to your Traforama campaign.

Whenever you want to create a new ad with custom settings for Popunder, go to:

  1. Campaigns ➡️

  2. Campaign list ➡️

3. Add creative

Note: If you do not have an active campaign, use the "add campaign" button first. Fill in all the necessary fields and proceed to "add a creative". 

General Popunder settings

Let's start with adjusting general settings:

  1. "Name" is a necessary field that adds a name to your new creative.

  2. "Link URL" is an essential field with the URL to which the ad redirects users.

Note: Ensure that you're using a unique name for your creative. Traforama won't allow saving several creatives under the same name.

Next, you may want to add modifiers to the URL, which are called macros. By adjusting the URL address with the macros below, you can customize the ad. You don't have to use all of them, but some are required for conversion tracking.

Below are the URL modifiers that you can use to customize the ad:

  • %REF% - Full page URL where ads were shown.

  • %REFDOMAIN% - Top domain where ads were shown.

  • %SPOTID% - ID of the spot where your ad was displayed.

  • %ID% - Adspyglass Click ID of the visitor session.*

  • %NODEID% - ID of a server node that processed the request.

  • %AUCTIONPRICE% - CPM paid for the particular ad

  • %CAMPAIGNID% - Adspyglass Campaign ID

  • %CREATIVEID% - Adspyglass Creative ID

  • %CPVPRICE%- CPV paid for the particular ad

Note: A final URL may look something like this: currentURL=%REF%&source=%SPOTID%&click_tracker=%ID%&node_id=%NODE_ID%
However, the only necessary macro is %ID%. (*) If you do not use Tracking Pixel or Postback URL, macros are not required for the ad to work.
*These macros are necessary in case of using Tracking Pixel or Postback URL.

Popunder Frequency Capping Parameter

1.- You can set up frequency capping. Individual visitors will see your ad once per day (1:24), two times per day (2:24), three times per day (3:24), four times per day (4:24), and so on. They won't see the ad more often than that.

Frequency cap can be set in seconds ( 1 time per x seconds.)

2.- If you don't want to show the domain of the traffic source, you can hide it by checking the "Hide referred" checkbox.

3.- If your ads are aggressive (i.e., not Google friendly), please check "Aggressive" checkbox. Our team may change it at its discretion.

4.- Please choose the type of your link:

  1. Only direct Ad - a directly leading to the landing page.

  2. Smartlink - a tool that is serving multiple ads.

Our team may change it at its discretion.

Traffic filtering and proxy types blocking

You can block specific traffic types and proxy types. By default, the traffic is not blocked.

To further increase the quality of traffic and remove unwanted sources, Traforama allows you to use the following traffic filters:

  • Block returned traffic — if a network wins, but returns the visitor click back, and your bid is next, you can filter it out.

  • Block noref traffic — block traffic with empty Referrer HTTP header.

  • Block nocookie traffic — block traffic without an IP or user agent (if we cannot identify/detect it for some reason).

  • Block WebView traffic — block traffic without a website header (usually this is traffic from apps that can open websites).

  • Block nonunique traffic — block if a visitor has just seen another ad.

When you want to remove all anonymous, unidentifiable traffic sources, use the filter by proxy types.

Traforama allows you to use the following filters for sources of incoming traffic:

  • Anonymizing VPN services

  • Tor Exit Nodes

  • Hosting Provider, Data Center or CDN

  • Public Proxies

  • Web Proxies

  • Search Engine Robots

CPM adjusting for Popunder creatives

Changing pricing can significantly influence the quality and quantity of traffic.

Depending on your geographical priorities, you may use a different CPM setting for each country.

CPM stands for Cost per mile. The value reflects the cost per 1000 impressions to visitors to whom the ad was shown.

There are a few ways of applying the CPM rate for your geos:

  1. You can set up one CPM for all countries at once.

  2. Use different CPM values for each country.

Popunder creatives saving and reviewing

When all adjustments are done, press the "Create" button to save the changes or the "Create and send to review" to save the changes and send the ad to the moderation team for an extensive review.

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