Traforama supports the following ad formats:

Popunder, Popup

Popunder/Popup is the most popular ad format on Traforama. It has the highest Conversion rate comparing with other ad formats.


Interstitial is the brand new ad format. It's a full-screen overlay.
It appears to cover the full screen after visitors click on any link and can be dismissed by the visitor easily if desired.

Banner, Display

Banner ad format is a classic and very popular and format. It has affordable CPM. Traforama supports the following sizes: 300x250, 300x100, 728x90, 468x60, 120x90, 250x250, 100%x100%.

In-video, In-stream, VAST

In-video ad is video advertisements that play within a video player, appearing before (pre-roll video), during (mid-roll video) or after (post-roll video) a piece of media content. In-video ads typically last up to 30 seconds.

In-page push, push

In-page push is one more brand new ad format that is gaining popularity. It looks like a classic push notification. Technically, it is a native ad format, and actually, it's a banner ad, which is displayed directly on the websites.

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