Traforama Ads Manager Interface

Let's briefly overview the interface of the Traforama account.

The default tab is Dashboard.

You'll find yourself here during the first login.

At that moment, there is no activity at your Dashboards, and it is reasonable.

Don't worry; you'll see many digits and charts here as soon as you launch your first campaign.

Let's click at "Campaigns" to expand the menu. After that, tap the "Campaigns List" button.

It seems like we have nothing here.

The guide's primary goal is to show how to have something here and create campaigns at Traforama.

So, you need to click the "Add Campaign" button to start the process of composing the ad campaign.

Ok, great! Now we need to set up a few basic parameters. It is general information about your campaign. Let's talk about each piece of information you need to set up.

1. "Campaign Name" - Literally anything you want. But keep in mind that it should be easy-recognizable among all other campaigns.

2. "Stream" - the niche or vertical of your advertisement.

Currently, these options are supported:

  • Mainstream (non-adult)

  • Adult-all

  • Adult-gay

  • Adult-cartoons

  • Adult-transexual

IMPORTANT: Do not choose "Mainstream" if your ad or landing page contains adult-related content.

3. "Ad types" - or ad formats. Traforama supports five types of ads:

  • Popunder

  • Interstitial

  • Banner

  • In-video

  • In-page push

4. "Targeting settings" - the setting where you can choose a specific audience for your ad campaign. Traforama supports the following targeting filters:

  • Traffic sources (spots, domains filters)

  • Geo, IP, Internet Service Providers

  • Devices, Browsers, Connection types, Platforms

  • Limits

"Spots" is an entity created by a publisher for some specific advertisement spot. Usually, a publisher creates one spot for one website and one ad type.

But, sometimes it could be that one spot means five websites.

In other cases, a publisher could create several spots for 1 website (for example, one spot is for banner 300x250, one is for 300x100, etc.).

Look at the available options:

  • "Run campaign over the network" means that your ads will rotate evenly through all spots of the network that comply with your targeting and stream.

    In other words, you'll receive traffic from all ad spots available at Traforama.
    We recommended choosing this option if you're not sure what to choose.

  • "Spots White list" means that your ads will rotate only at spots that you'll pick. Remember that you need to collect the list of sites and zones you want to enable for applying the setting.

    That option is considered as an advanced setting. But, this spot type leads to the most accurate targeting and increases the overall campaign's efficiency.

  • "Spots Blosk list" stands for rotating your ads evenly through all spot excepting manually picked spots.

    This configuration can also be called an advanced one. If you know for sure where you don't want to show the ads, you can exclude these spots from your placements.

Moreover, you can upload spots list from the Marketplace.

"Domain" is a ref host where your ad will be shown. Traforama allows adding White and Block lists of the domains.

By default, it's switched on an empty block list. That means you can buy all available traffic on Traorama.

"Domains white list" means that your ads will rotate only at domains that you'll pick.
Please type one domain per line. Please do not use "www." or "https://" on this list.

IMPORTANT: Do not save the empty White list.

"Domains block list" stands for rotating your ads evenly through all domains excepting manually picked domains.
Please type one domain per line. Please do not use "www." or "https://" on this list.

IMPORTANT: Domains White and Block list do not work together. You can choose only or White list, or Block list.

1. "Countries" - everything is obvious, isn't it?

You can choose the location of the traffic:

  • "Worldwide" (by default) means that you'll get impressions from all GEOs around the globe.

  • "Only specific countries" - means that you can pick up any GEO you want and launch your campaign only among those countries.

2. "IP Range" - in cases when you have a list of specific IPs where you want your ads to be rotating.
Traforama supports human-readable IP ranges (Example: or subnet masks (Example:

3. ISP (Internet Providers) - You can use your list of comma-separated keywords. It also helps you to target specific ISPs.

"Device" - this setting is enabling you to target among different devices.

Feel free to choose all types of devices that you need in the "Devices" dropdown. Also, you can use "Connection types" dropdown in the case when you need this targeting.

"Platforms" - it is an excellent addition to the previous configuration.

Using the platforms, you can decide what OS types and versions you want to advertise for.

The "Any version" value is responsible for the name of the OS, while "Specific version" allows you to choose the exact OS version.

Navigate through these variants to use what you need.

"Browsers"- absolutely identical point as the "Platforms".

But in this case, you're targeting by type and version of a browser instead of OS.

Limitations and restrictions for your campaign

One of the last steps for you is to fill in the information associated with your campaign's limits:

1. Date range - in case you need to setup start and end periods for Ad Rotating.

2. Impressions per hour - this point lets you set the maximum amount of impressions you'll get for 1 hour.

3. Impressions per day - you can set up the maximum amount of daily traffic.

4. Total Impressions - Want to limit the overall number of impressions? Use this configuration.

5. and 6. These fields are needed in case you want to show your ads according to some schedule. In the "5" box, you can choose specific days of the week, while box "6" will help you select rotation hours.

Afterward, you need to press "Save" to save and apply all configurations.

Your ad campaign is ready now. The last thing which is left before you can start showing your ads is to add creatives!

Thank you for reading!

Stay tuned for the next guides and how-tos.

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