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In-page push ad format

Updated over a week ago

About the format

Visually, In-Page Push notifications look the same as classic push notifications. Technically, it is a native ad format, and actually, it's a banner ad, which is displayed directly on the websites. In-page push notifications can reach users on all devices, both mobile and desktop.


You need :

  • landing page URL

  • 50x50 pixels or more image ( formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .mp4 ). File must be up to 500 Kb

  • Title

  • Description


  • Gives additional income to existing ad formats

  • The user-friendly format: it doesn't block the content of the website

  • A fresh format and users interact with it actively


What about prices?

Traforama set limits in the form of minimum CPM. You can find it here

Average CPM is varied for different domains, countries, devices, browsers, user agents, etc. You can find eCPM per geo here


Available traffic volumes.

You can find the approximate traffic volumes per


OK. I want to buy this ad format!


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