It is the only place where advertisers and publishers can communicate directly and conclude intermediary-less deals.

Meet, this is Advertiser and Publisher.

They hate Ad Networks and love direct deals.

Why? Because direct deals allow them to manage traffic more accurately and get better results. It's convenient to know each other personally and deal on a long-term basis.

In this case, Publisher and Advertiser get used to:

  • Get a better Conversion rate and, subsequently, more conversions.

  • Establish fair CPM or any other payment model.

  • Create trustful and stable relations.

  • Never spend any extra funds on networks' fees or commissions.

  • Communicate directly regarding all working aspects

Sound great, isn't it?

The exciting news about the guys is: You also can conclude direct deals with your publisher via Traforama!

To start with Traforama you need to go through a few simple steps:

choose your traffic sources
Create an ad campaign
Add a creative to your campaign
Add funds to your balance

Look at the impressive list of the advantages you'll get with Traforama:

  • Absolute transparency for all participants of the market

  • Ad management via an intuitive interface or restful API

  • Fair facts & statistics about websites from other advertisers' reviews

  • Fully optimized for the self-service

  • Independent and reliable conversion tracker & traffic analyzer

  • Direct communication with publishers via private chats

In case you still have any questions you're welcome to contact our manager via the live-chat widget!

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